Who am I?

I'm your neighbor - a neighbor you'll often find hanging out with my husband, Rich Larson, and our pets. We spend time with our friends, gardening, cooking, reading, traveling around the Pacific Northwest and trekking to the airport or hitching up our trailer to visit our far-flung family – including three precious grandchildren.


I'm chair of our LFP Planning Commission - the citizen group that advises our LFP City Council and administration on policies that drive development in our community. In my three plus years on this commission, I've strived to be your voice, ensuring the community is informed, represented and heard. Along the way, I have demonstrated my commitment to serving our community through hundreds of hours of work shaping policy recommendations for our city.

I’m a leader, collaborator, and advisor for education and non-profit organizations. I started my career as a classroom teacher who taught science and reading, developed student IEPs, started a school-wide environmental club, and led the development of a school garden still in use today. Since then, I've spent the last 20 years working with teachers, students, school administrators, district personnel, non-profit boards, state legislators, universities, museums, private sector businesses, state and federal agencies and professional associations to successfully develop and transform teams and projects. For the last thirteen years I've worked for the University of Utah’s Natural History Museum with the past eight from my home here in Lake Forest Park. I am the Associate Director of Education Initiatives for our organization which means I have the privilege of working on innovative projects designed to support critical thinking for learners of all ages. This work, also, supports the building of institutional capacity for expanding our digital programming. If you're interested in knowing more about my work just ask. I love talking about the amazing people I get to work with and the strategic ways we bring value to our communities. Research Quest is one example of my professional work; work I led from the ground up that has won both personal and programmatic awards.

Finally, I am someone who cares deeply about our LFP community and who has a proven track record of listening to residents. Rich and I bought our home (built in 1915 - that's our house in the old newspaper ad!) here in Lake Forest Park in 2013. We were instantly drawn to the environment and the size of the city – quite different from the rest of the neighborhoods we looked at in and around Seattle. After moving here, we connected with the history behind our home and met many wonderful neighbors. We quickly became aware of just how truly incredible our community is – the people, the geography and ecology of the area, and the history of service and stewardship by community members both past and present. As I learned more I knew I wanted to be part of that history of service so became involved in several community building activities which led to my appointment to our LFP Planning Commission in 2018. In this role, I've taken what I've learned from and about our community to advocate for policies that reflect the values our community has declared through our city's guiding documents - our Comprehensive, Safe Streets and PROST plans, as well as, our Critical Areas Ordinance.

Rich and Maddy Larson.jpg
1915 LFP Newspaper Ad

Image courtesy of the Shoreline Historical Museum

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