Why am I running for LFP City Council?

A neighbor and gardener recently said, "I think it's really great you're getting into politics!" Yikes! That is not what I am doing - at least the way I see it. Instead, I replied, "Well, I suppose you could look at it that way. But, I'm doing this because I believe I can help with the ongoing work of building community and stewarding the city's work on our behalf." I said, "I look at it a lot like we do our gardens. There's always work to do. There is always something to cultivate. We plan and prioritize the work - what needs our attention right now and figuring out what we need to be doing right now to be ready for the future. I think I can bring that same spirit to the city council's work. And, I'm interested and ready to do the work." She smiled and said I had her vote. Thanks friend! And, happy gardening to you all in our glorious PNW summer weather.

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