Supporting Small Business in LFP

Rich and I have been wanting to find ways to reduce driving for our shorter trips around the area - most of the driving we actually do anymore since we both work at home. Enter Amped Adventures, a new bike shop right next door to our City Hall down in Town Center. We dropped in and were excited to meet Gordon, Chris and Troy - the owners and operators of this shop which, among other services, rents and sells e-bikes. After taking a few of the bikes for a test drive and learning they were made by a Washington company, we knew we'd found the bike we wanted - particularly because it allowed us to support this new business while also fulfilling one of our priority goals. Win/win. If you see us out on the road - particularly as I work to visit as many LFP residents as I can get to before Election Day - give a wave. And, go meet Gordon, Chris, and Troy. I think you will agree, they are a great addition to our business community.

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