On contemplating the future...

This morning I had the pleasure of talking with one of our newest planning commissioners, long-time resident David Kleweno, about his interests in the future of Lake Forest Park. Like with many of the community conversations I've been having, I am learning a lot! Everyone has a perspective on what is great about LFP and what could be better - David's insights, however, made me pause in my tracks and think about where we are headed as a city. Right at the start of our conversation he said, "I am not interested in simply preserving our quality of life here in LFP. Frankly, I think it could be a lot better." We then discussed all the ways he felt LFP could grow and become the next greatest version of itself. He talked about his values surrounding community and civic engagement. About ways that we, together, can develop a vision for who we want to be as we look to the future. "We need to build on what is great here," he said, "to ensure the quality of life we enjoy in LFP today can become even better." This made me wonder what the rest of you dream about. What, in your mind, would increase the quality of life in our community and align with our shared interests of being a welcoming, diverse community of civically engaged residents?

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